Fine Jewellery Repair

As time goes by, your loved and well-worn jewellery inevitably picks up knocks and scratches, and the years bring tarnish where there was once shine. Precious stones can be misplaced, chains snapped, and sometimes jewellery simply doesn’t fit us properly anymore.

When a tiny article holds so much value, not only in material, but also in your heart, it is only right to restore it to full glory, and have it fitted by an expert.

Our friendly team of craftsmen have the skill to take care of all of your jewellery queries and offer exceptionally good value. Drop into our friendly workshop in the heart of Edinburgh’s shore district for a free chat, honest advice, and a no-obligation quote.

Jewellery repair


Whether you’ve inherited a ring too special to leave in a drawer, found the perfect ring in all-but-size, or are simply finding your ring a little too loose or tight these days, we can help.

Sizing a ring is a simple process involving measuring your finger accurately, then subtly reshaping your jewellery after adding or removing a tiny amount of the perfect metal.

We can also add beads to artfully help older fingers into rings. Prices begin at £35 for 9ct gold.

Stone resetting

Stone resetting

Over time, jewellery prongs and claws can become brittle and less pliable, sometimes detaching completely.

With less grip, it becomes easy for stones to detach and go missing, and with prices for re-tipping a prong beginning as low as £25, prevention and stone tightening is far better than loss.

If the worst has already happened, we can also source and fit replacement diamonds and other precious stones. Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet or something else entirely, don’t hesitate to ask our advice.

Cleaning jewellery


Precious metals tarnish, intricate designs encourage grime to collect, and plating can thin and fade as time passes.

Our professional jewellery cleaning, polishing and plating will provide any piece with a whole new lease of life, and preserve the lustre, shade and glow of your precious jewellery for years to come. Once clean, we’ll also check that clasps, claws, links and pins are in perfect working order, to give you the confidence to wear your jewellery with pride.

With prices beginning at just £35 there is simply no need to let your memories fall victim to the work of time.

Inspecting jewellery for repair

Chain, bracelet and clasp repair

Fine jewellery can easily become the victim of its own elegance, but Edinburgh Jewellery Repair can help.

Whether it’s the stringing of your pearls, the chain of your watch bracelet, or the clasp on your silver necklace, there is little we haven’t seen and improved.

From just £25, visit our friendly Edinburgh shore workshop for a discussion, and let us help you maintain your jewellery for years to come.

Lukasz at work


Understanding the financial value of your jewellery can be important for yourself, but also for the appraisal of your insurance company.

Via our trusted partner in industry, our thorough valuation package begins at £75 for the first item, and £50 for all following items. Together we will provide you with a thorough understanding of the stones, metals, and overall value of each piece of your jewellery.

Results are provided in a printed multi-page report, and can also be sent via email.

Jewellery design sketches

Other services

From watch batteries to bespoke design and remodelling, Edinburgh Jewellery Repair are experienced and approachable craftsmen, who want to help you wear jewellery with confidence.

Give us a call or pop into our workshop on the Edinburgh shore for an obligation-free chat and estimate.