Antique Jewellery Restoration

Of all jewellery restorations, the sympathetic treatment of antiques is the most specialised and delicate. Indeed, many contemporary jewellers are unwilling to approach antique jewellery, feeling unable to step into the unknown.

Historic and modern

Antique Broken Jewellery - ready for restoration.

At Edinburgh Jewellery Repair, our skilled craftspeople are as well versed in the old methods of classical hand built jewellery, as they are in modern laser and machine technique.

Our small and approachable team are always happy to take a private, confidential and obligation free look at your jewellery, and offer their opinion of the best route back to purity.

Beyond the surface

When working on antique jewellery, simplicity is a rarity. Different methods of manufacturing metals, reaching the correct compositions of alloys, cutting stones appropriately, and finishing the product tastefully can all be significant challenges.

It is vital that time and attention is applied to all possible aspects of complexity during the restoration of older jewellery, as the importance of correctly repairing an antique runs far beyond the surface.

Yesterday fits today

Rings (resizing)

Although a piece may be considered an antique, nothing makes our craftspeople happier than bringing jewellery into daily use. Whether offering a dearly loved grandmother’s engagement ring to your own love, or simply hoping to fit more comfortably into a ring that is now half-a-century old, we can help.

From tasteful sizing beads, to help a larger ring fit a smaller finger, to adding a small measure of the proper alloy to gain your ring a few millimetres, we will be happy to advise you of the available options.

In safe hands

Beyond financial value, older jewellery can carry emotional weight far beyond that of its modern-day equivalent. Our skilled team afford every client’s possessions the utmost respect, whatever the cost, and whatever the value.

Our goal is to increase the beauty, the worth, and the enjoyment of your jewellery, and rest assured that while in our care, your piece will be insured to its full financial worth. With Edinburgh Jewellery Repair, your jewellery is in the safest possible hands.

Ring (work in progress)

Experience and care

Ring (detail)

When our experienced jewellers make an assessment, we offer a clear proposal of our plans, and an obligation free quote. In the rare case that we feel we would be unable to undertake a repair successfully, we will inform you on the spot, and where possible we will offer you an alternative solution.

Even experienced craftspeople such as ourselves cannot predict issues such as internal flaws or manufacturing defects within antique jewellery. What we can guarantee, is contacting you immediately upon finding any issues, and giving you the option to proceed with any increased costs, or to halt work as it stands.


Repairing an antique piece is not an easy task, and sometimes the larger part of the challenge can be finding a skilled craftsperson to take on the work. Going through the restoration process is often less expensive than you might anticipate, and the results can be astounding.

Edinburgh Jewellery Repair have the skill to restore your jewellery, taking it proudly out of the dusty-drawer and into daily-display. Beyond the increase in intrinsic value that we can offer your jewellery, comes an unquestionable feeling of pride in taking the time to maintain an heirloom.

Ring (undergoing restoration)
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