Jewellery is a physical distillation of beauty, but its value is not just diamonds or gold, it is a connection to your heart. With more than twenty years specialising in fine and antique jewellery craftsmanship, Edinburgh Jewellery Repair’s expert team will afford your most valuable of possessions, the restoration and care that they deserve.

Our hand built workshop, mingled between the restaurants, galleries and attractions of Edinburgh, is a safe and welcoming space to bring your jewellery for a friendly and free discussion, and a no-obligation quote.

Whether your jewellery is contemporary or antique, valuable or valuable-to-you, we have the knowledge, experience and skill to resize, repair, rejuvenate, and revive your jewellery as if it were reborn today.

Lukasz S

Lukasz Sobstyl

Lukasz Sobstyl is Edinburgh Jewellery Repair’s owner, manager and head jeweller. Lukasz has developed his passion for jewellery craftsmanship during ten years of professional development at some of Edinburgh’s most renowned jewellers including Christopher Ness Jewellery and Laings Edinburgh, before founding Edinburgh Jewellery Repair in 2018.⁠ Today Lukasz is dedicated to offering customers the best possible treatment for their precious belongings so that what once shone, can be bright and beautiful again.⁠



Sarah is a jeweller from Vancouver, Canada, with over a decade of experience. She first started studying jewellery in 2013 at Vancouver Community College. She then went on to complete a diploma in jewellery from LaSalle College in 2015. Following this, she worked for various Canadian designers until she moved to Scotland. Sarah joined Edinburgh Jewellery Repair in 2021 and is an essential workshop team member. She is highly talented in both fine jewellery repairs and in handcrafting bespoke designs.⁠


Abraham began studying jewellery at the CIT in Beirut when he left high school at 17 years old. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he continued to pursue a career in jewellery, working in manufacturing and production. In 2002, Abraham moved to Scotland, and has continued to develop and hone his craft. Abraham is essential to our repairs service, and committed to the highest quality jewellery repairs possible.




Emily is our shopfront manager with a background in design and photography. After 2 years studying photography, she then moved on to complete a 3-year illustration degree before moving to Edinburgh in 2018 to pursue a career in jewellery design. Today Emily is an important part of our team, working as a photographer and customer service assistant while also creating hand-drawn design illustrations for our bespoke jewellery pieces.⁠

Lukasz M

Lukasz Motkowski

Lukasz Motkowski is a jeweller and craftsman with years of experience in fine jewellery restoration. In Zywiec, Poland, Lukasz studied at Vocational School with a goldsmith jeweller profile, before completing his apprenticeship in the goldsmith’s workshop of Krzysztof Olszar. In 2018 Lukasz travelled to Edinburgh to pursue his career further and is now a key member of our workshop team, carrying out detailed repairs and handcrafting stunning pieces of bespoke fine jewellery.⁠



Artyr is a jeweller and craftsman with years of experience in fine jewellery restoration. After studying at Complex SzC, Technical Institute of the Arts in Budapest, Artyr built upon this expertise with six years of experience working in two well-equipped jewellers workshops. Artyr moved to Edinburgh in 2018 to further pursue his career and continues to learn crucial skills within the jewellers and goldsmiths profession. Today Artyr is a vital member of our team, highly skilled in both fine jewellery repair and the creation of unique designs.⁠

Antique Jewellery Restoration

Fine Jewellery Repair

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